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My Nephew Writes His First Book!/ David McMillian, LPC, LMFT
Thursday, Jan 16, 2014 4:58pm

Have you ever said ďIíve got a book in me?Ē  I know I have, but Iím also a big time procrastinator and havenít got around to writing it yet.  I likewise know a lot of other people through the years have said those words to me.  Sometimes I wonder how many books stay inside of us, never to be written or published. I had no idea until a phone call last year that my nephew Christopher McMillian thought he indeed had a book in him too. 

Christopher is my brotherís youngest son who grew up here in Shreveport, graduated from Captain Shreve High School in 1994, became a Shreveport Fireman in 2000, then later a Paramedic.  Iíve always liked Chris; heís just one of those guys people like. He and his beautiful wife Kari, a Bossier girl, now call sunny Florida their home, so I donít see Chris as much as Iíd like. To be honest, when he called me early last year to tell me he was well into writing his first novel and planned to publish it, I wasnít just surprised, I was blown away.  Donít get me wrong, Chris is a smart guy and I know that from the conversations we would have through the years, but I think Chris would be the first to tell you, formal education just didnít really hold his attention.  Chris wasnít the kind of guy who would slave for hours over a term paper.  So, when he asked me if I would be willing to read his manuscript and give him some feedback, I of course told him Iíd be happy to read it, but I had no idea what it was going to be like; again, blown away. It falls into the category ďyou just never know,Ē because Chris says he took a Creative Writing class as a hobby and discovered he had something aching to be expressed and he did.

The book is titled Dark of the Mind (2013, C.S. McMillian) and is available in printed form or on Kindle at amazon.com.  Itís also available for Nook on barnesandnoble.com or from the Apple iBook store.  The book centers on paramedic Tryke Harper, who is fascinated with the idea that you might actually spot the soul leaving the body when it dies.  While most people try to avoid death for as long as they can, Tryke canít seem to get close enough. Of course in his profession he witnesses some of those final moments of life, but his quest turns to obsession and that takes us on twists and turns that will keep you on the edge. Tryke becomes entangled in the violence and injustice behind some of the emergency calls he must answer, and when his obsession meets up with, letís say opportunities for justice on the streets of Dallas; they take him down a path he never could have imagined. We ride along with Tryke as he explores the world of murder, suicide, and fatal accidents, while wrestling with his motherís illness, his fatherís mysterious journal, a new romance, a partnerís crumbling marriage, and his own childhood trauma. Iím not a big reader of fiction, and I know Iím biased, but I couldnít put this book down; I actually lost some sleep because I didnít want to stop discovering what would happen next.

My nephew has become a big time inspiration for me lately and Iím proud of him (can you tell?) Listen to the podcast link below and hear why. 

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