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Tiered of the Treadmill and Valentine Disappointment

Tiered of the Treadmill and Valentine Disappointment

Posted by: admin - March 13, 2007
Question: Dear David, All I seem to do lately is work long hours, go home and recover long enough to return the next day for more work. On the weekends, I’m so exhausted that all I want to do is sleep. It may sound funny, but I do like my job, it just doesn’t feel like I have a life anymore. What can I do? Tiered of the Treadmill Answer: Dear TOTT, In our work centered culture, too many of us look towards work for meaning and fulfillment. Remember that life is not only about work and that we have to learn how to de-program our "on alert" status which can ultimately lead to burnout. Knowing how to comfort yourself is self-empowering and fortifies you to deal with whatever comes your way in life. Self-nurturing is the courage to pay attention to your needs. Daily comfort and pleasure gives you the fuel to support your daily lifestyle. I suggest you create a Comfort List. Dream up a list of pleasurable activities you would love to do and write these ideas down. Be creative and think of pleasures that encompass each area of your life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. What are you not doing that you wish you were? What is missing in your life? Your list doesn’t have to be made up entirely of solitary pleasures, but some activities you should do alone to insure you aren't basing your bliss on some else's desires. Come up with at least twenty pleasures, as this will give you variety. You might include things like listening to your favorite music, going for a walk, getting a massage, taking a candlelit bath, getting with friends who make you laugh, seeing a comedy show, taking a dance class, or learning a new hobby. You might consider visiting the many spiritual places in Shreveport/Bossier. Once you've completed your list, schedule at least two pleasurable activities each week. When you fuel your body, mind and spirit, life takes on a different quality. You are able to handle life's difficulties with much more grace and ease. Question: Dear David, I’m writing this on a sad Valentine Day for me. My relationship isn’t what either of us wants, and days like today emphasize that reality. What does it take to make a relationship work today? Sad on Valentine Answer: Dear SAV, I’m going to answer very briefly, but a book could be written on each of these: Trust is essential Keep communication lines open Share a spiritual bond Focus on “staying on the same page” Don't forget to be friends Maintain separate identities Don't take each other for granted Be intimate in and out of bed Keep priorities in order Remember why you fell in love with each other Valentine Day is obviously passed for 2006, but consider using the list above to make each day a “valentine day.” Focus on creating a very different feeling than you’re both currently experiencing, and allow yourself to feel what that’s like. I think that would be an excellent starting place. Good luck.
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